Friday, October 30, 2009

Gamer Shame

Apparently, no one plays video games in Taipei.

There are games and accessories sold and advertised everywhere, but I have, in 2 months met 1 person who will admit to ever having played a video game.

It is just not cool here...or more accurately, it is not proper. It goes against the work ethic. Its not just games either. People also tell me they don't go out to bars or clubs either.

I'll admit though, that I have yet to actually get into a cyber cafe (maybe I will have more luck at one of those) but in my defense, it took me a long time to find one. They seem to be hidden, but once I knew what to look for I saw them everywhere.

From the street all I can see is a small doorway. During the day I must have passed dozens of them without ever noticing, but it was nighttime that finally clued me into what I was looking for. At night the doorways get lit up, sometimes in neon lights, and this is what drew my attention into a small doorway where I recognized the mural of a Night Elf leading people down a narrow staircase.

As it turns out there are a number of them near my home, but I just couldn't see them before. Now that I know where to go it won't be long before I succumb to the Night Elfs alluring eyes and follow her down into the depths of the Internet.


  1. For some reason this makes me think of cyberpunky stuff...

  2. Oh passing that doorway under all the neon lights of downtown Taipei made me feel like I was in a cyberpunk movie - it was so surreal.