Wednesday, February 24, 2010

On a Lighter Note...

I think this blog needs more pictures. Here is a couple from the temple at my favorite night market ShiLin 士林. The lanterns have been put out and lit up for the Lunar New Year.

I didn't leave Taipei for New Year's which turns out to have been a mistake. Everything shut down and to top it off it was cold and raining the entire week. Oh well, live and learn. 新年快樂!

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  1. hey Krista-lee, nice latterns. I am a phd student in adelaide australia concentrating at the moment of support networks in places such as Second Life and Wow. however at the moment I am alsoi wanting to delve into the anthropological literature on video games, in terms of networks created. I'm thinking here of ps3 and xbox ect. Keep up the good work. Good to see a fellow anthropologist doing similar research