Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Taipei Game Show


The Taipei Game Show was actually last month, but prelim prep and a bad cold prevented me from posting about it earlier.

I went with a friend from school and we had a great time.  In addition to doing some serious work of course.

Watching WoW PvP Tournament  I stopped to watch a couple of tournaments, though I didn’t stay to watch the whole contest of either one due to time constraints.  This picture on the left is the audience of the WoW PvP tournament, and below is a shot of a fighter game contest.

PS3 Tournament 3

I did manage to network a little, but unfortunately, my Chinese language skills are still not where I’d like them to be (on par with my English).

All in all this convention was just like the ones I have been to back home.  Lots of games and stuff to buy, mostly males of various ages (though there were more girls there than I would have expected) and booth girls everywhere.

Me   Booth Girl 1

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