Tuesday, April 20, 2010

"So I ran around naked and shot at people..."

I was sitting upstairs in the common room the other day with 2 residents and a tourist (I live in a guest house at the moment).  I was talking about my Sims game, when the tourist mentions that he once tried Second Life too. (Yes I know that Sims and Second Life are not the same game.) 

He said that he had seen a news-documentary on the game and that the program had said something to the effect of: In Second Life you can be whatever you always wanted to be.  With this in mind he decided to start up an account and then says, "So I ran around naked for 2 weeks and shot at people."

I couldn’t help but laugh, after which the tourists says, "Yeah so I got kicked out of a lot of places and then got bored so I didn’t play anymore."  "I’m sure you did," was all I could think of in response.  At this point the resident (and also a gamer) sitting next to me explained to the tourist that Second Life was more of a social game and he should try a game like WoW or a first person shooter.  The tourist explained that he knew that and that he did actually talk to some people, but then reiterated the tag line from the TV program about "being whatever you want to be."

The gamer sitting next to me, a generation older than the tourist and I, just shook his head, looked at me and then the tourist, and said, "kids these days."

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