Thursday, May 26, 2011

“White woman will divorce you.” You better believe it.

white women in the Philipines

This photo is courtesy of my expat friend Meggan in Taipei. It was posted to Facebook and was commented on by some other female expats in Taiwan, part of which I have reproduced here (with permission):

“Krista-Lee: ‎"no matter how horrid you turn out to be ..." wow what a vote of confidence for Philippine men!

Anna: I feel like I have heard this verbatim from the men I met there...

Krista-Lee: yeah Anna, I heard something similar from an expat during his explanation on why he doesn't date white women.”

I have written here before about the joys of being a female expat. I said previously that it gets easier, and it does, in part because we just get used to the way things are here.

As can be derived from the text in the photo this warning was not about white women in Taiwan, but there is a special challenge in being a minority woman in Asia. All the expat women I know here occasionally travel to other areas of Asia and come back with stories; more than one have echoed the sentiment described here.

Although on one level this does disturb me because of the rash generalization being made, this text did not offend me. On one hand it was a reminder of how very lonely living in Asia can be, but on the other hand it makes my very appreciative of my independence. Yes, I would say that in my case that text is probably accurate. There is a reason I have never been married; and if I ever do, I would likely leave a man before I found out “how horrid” he could be.

I guess (something approximating) equality kills the romance.

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