Tuesday, July 21, 2015

The Summer of Writing and Taking Over the Internet

Let me introduce you to my new project - the Technophiles Podcast and Newscast on TPN! A couple of months ago now I was a guest on the TPN podcast. I had a lot of fun and got along great with the cast - so much so that a few weeks later, when the cast had an opening on their show, I was asked (and accepted - of course) to join the crew as a regular cast member.

What does this have to do with writing? Well ...

In an attempt to graduate sooner rather than later I am spending this entire summer writing. This is great because the more I write the more inspired I seem to become - including lots of inspiration for blog posts. Unfortunately, deadlines are severely hindering my ability to actually write those posts. So in the meantime, I am making a list of topics I want to write about for later and I will be posting TPN podcasts and newscasts that I am a part of to this blog. All this means for you dear reader is that over the next few weeks there are going to be way more video posts (and some audio) than written posts.

Also, unlike my school related work, which tends to focus more on games, these videos tend to focus more on technology. Though in both cases there is naturally overlap given my scope. The videos range around 3-5 minutes for newscasts and about an hour for podcasts.

To start off, here are the links to my guests appearances on the podcast: episodes 244 (Periscope) 245 (Ford S-Max) 246 (Tesla's Powerwall) and 247 (Samsonite and Samsung Smart Luggage).

In other news, you can still find me playing Pathfinder every other Tuesday on Twitch which broadcasts live from the 42 Ale House, and starting next month I will also be playing in another campaign which will air every Sunday. (I will provide a link to the Twitch channel for this 2nd game once it starts.)

Um - I started this saying I was spending the entire summer writing ... yes ... well ... I am spending most of time writing - you know, when I'm not busy taking over the intertubes ;)

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