Sunday, June 28, 2009

Promised Pictures

This picture was taken by David (whom I don't have a photo of unfortunately, because my camera phone is terrible). From the left that is Mark, me, Juho, and Samuel at Times Square, in the rain, on my last night in NY.

After 3 days of the conference I was dead tired by this point, but I couldn't leave without seeing Times Square. I think I wore out the men too dragging them around that night. Somehow we lost Samuel, but he made it back to the hostel, so it's all ok.

Honestly, I didn't want to leave. The conference was amazing! (Thank-you to Dan Hunter and all the other wonderful people who made this possible.) I met too many way cool people to be able to list them all here, including many guildmates from TrN. The presentations were all very interesting, and a few of them even gave me some ideas to consider while I am checking out Taiwan. (My roommate Sarah was also very cool - it was like a 3 day slumber party!) Unfortunately, I had to miss out on the backchannel, but I will be fixing that by getting a netbook before my next conference.

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