Saturday, July 11, 2009


I fully realize the biased and for-entertainment-only value of Penn & Teller's series BullSh*t!

That being said, the episode on video game violence that aired this last Thursday was just as balanced as all of the arguments I have heard from the anti-video game camp.

I cannot make any claims on the effects of violent video games on people, because I have not done the research; but as researcher myself, I can see the fatal flaw in all of the arguments that have been presented to me. The flaw is phrases that all begin, "Well kids who play video games ..." followed by some gross generalization. They all what now? Millions of people play video games every day, and yet it has become acceptable to generalize about what gamers are like.

Now let's think about this... if someone made that claim about a gender, they would be sexist; or about a race they would be racist. Therefore, I think we need a name for these anti-video game people (something more eloquent than anti-video game people). I like the term technophobe, but maybe that is a little to general....I don't want to generalize like they do.

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